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Another New Year, and New Beginnings ~

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It feels like only a few weeks ago we were contemplating the end of the world.

Not only did we survive the apocalypse, we survived the holidays!  

The current conversation is all about ‘New Year = New You!’ with more media hype about ‘How to Be/ What to Do’ – NOW!  

I prefer to work with the earth’s gentle cycles as my guide. For me, the winter season is for hibernation and quiet contemplation…a time to go deep ‘inside’. It is the time for rest (with so many hours of darkness) and reflection, a perfect time to tap into dreams and journal.  When we attune ourselves with the seasons we allow our inherent natural rhythms to flow, which are easy to follow and feel good about. In winter my body craves warmth, which I honor (I cannot juice cleanse in cold weather). Warm soups and fires nourish me inside and out. Lots of layering in soft flannels and cashmere create a feel-good-cozy-comfort in both myself and my home…even the dining table is outfitted in an extra layer with a beautiful textured runner. Welcoming warm energy is abundant, in my home…and heart.    

Whatever New Year you celebrate; (gregorian, chinese, lunar, solar or other) there are many opportunities to Renew, Refresh and Re-VITALIZE.  Listen to your inner wisdom to create your personal winter wellness recipe, one that you’ll stick! 

You’ll see yourself, and your home, in a whole new extraordinary and loving light. 

Positive intention is key to manifesting change. My ‘Earth Renewal Program’ begins every day at dawn. Every morning I begin again, sit to meditate, with gratitude, and set my intentions..fleeting as they may be – it’s OK – I get a chance to restart again tomorrow. Love and happiness are so much more powerful than guilt and remorse.  

Attune instead of Atone. 

Here’s to Your Best Year! 

~ WARM Home Blessings, ~ Cheryl 


Author: cherylterrace

Holistic Home Designer, nature freak, yoga addict, eco advisor, lover of laughter, cultivator of kindness, homesteader of health (Catskill Culture Club)

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