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"Find your heart, and you will find your way home."


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We all know that home is more than the physical connection to human and building. That said, I propose a question: what kind of relationship are you having with your space?

Are you having a romance?  And in turn, is your place treating you well? If we treat our homes as we would a wonderful lover we seek a deeper connection to our dwellings and ultimately, ourselves. In a good relationship there is kindness, acceptance and humor. We embrace the idiosyncrasies that present themselves and even if we bicker at one another there is an underlying feeling of trust.  Certainly we’ve all had infatuations with appearances and, most certainly, they were short lived.  It is not about the contents of the place – the perfect table, a pristine bathroom, after all, do you love someone just for the color of their eyes?  It is more about the entire package, the smell, the touch, the look that you give one another that says you completely understand and accept one another.

Sharing a space also includes vulnerability, letting your guard down to be completely naked, knowing that you are loved in spite of your imperfections. That wonderful feeling of acceptance of our well-worn habits is akin to wabi sabi – an imperfection completing perfection. The antique sideboard with all of the signs of usage or the chair that has paint peeling off in just the right way that give us instant comfort.

There is an ad that says “In the well lived home, more than cooking goes on in the kitchen. It’s an art studio, a quiet table for two, a clubhouse.”  I believe in the well LOVED home, more than living goes on…

It’s a haven, a sanctuary, an oasis.

I believe in taking the concept of home to a higher level by incorporating a holistic mindset into every aspect of the design process, referring to it as mindful design or conscious design because it goes well beyond ‘green’.

Vital Design includes all economic levels, all styles and does not have any eco guilt attached. It is all about coming from a place of love. I believe the most successful spaces express the inhabitant’s personality (not the designers); I act as a conduit to help one feel confident in his or her ability to create a unique expression of themselves in their home. The result is always a beautiful, safe, non-toxic, happy and healthy environment that lifts the spirit!

We have all experienced spaces that made our hearts soar, why shouldn’t your home be one of them? I encourage you to engage in a loving dialog with your home and see your home in a wonderful new light. Whether you’ve been wed to the same space for eons or in a brand new home relationship, there are many wonderful ways to transform the mundane into the magical, creating a Healthier Happier Home, and You!


Home is where the heart is, this old carriage certainly has ours…


Author: cherylterrace

Holistic Home Designer, nature freak, yoga addict, eco advisor, lover of laughter, cultivator of kindness, healthy homesteader; Vital Design LTD

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