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Wake up to Nature

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Imagine, waking at sunrise, completely refreshed from the best nights sleep in your life. As you close your eyes to deeply inhale the crisp cool mountain air your ears fill with a symphony of birdsong. You stretch and realize the tension your body has been carrying for so long has somehow disappeared. You feel wonderfully alive, connected to something indescribably magical. What IS this place?

Nature. Mother Nature is our ultimate healer. Her constant and calming rhythm provides the perfect escape from our insanely chaotic world and reconnects us to our primordial life force.

Growing up camping exposed me to a wild natural world at an early age. A skinny scraped knee’d tomboy I could climb trees faster and higher than any kid and played with wild creatures instead of dolls. I am still happiest when I am in nature; be it forest, ocean, mountains or a park.

Andy and I are incredibly fortunate to live on two thousand wild acres. We love living in these gorgeous hills where the True Luxuries of pure air, clean mountain water, crystal clear starry nights are the way of life. We enjoy sharing the spectacular property with nature loving friends.

Enter Tentrr. The concept is similar to ‘airbnb’ but for camping. Tentrr provides a turn key (more like lift flap) camping experience with large safari tents on raised platforms equipped with air mattresses on a bed frames, tables, chairs, fire-pits, and supplies, all set up on beautiful grounds, like ours. I call it ‘try on camping’ because it is camping without the cost of buying tents, supplies or dealing with storage – perfect for citifolks (or anyone) who want to rediscover their natural vibrant selves.

(Our four Tentrr sites are in Andes, NY; Eagles Nest, Big Sky, Bears Den, Turtle Creek)


Author: cherylterrace

Holistic Home Designer, nature freak, yoga addict, eco advisor, lover of laughter, cultivator of kindness, healthy homesteader; Vital Design LTD

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