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Talking Trash

Happy 2014! A time of New Beginnings, Resolutions, and detoxing from all of the festive food of the holidays. It’s also a good time to take stock of what has value, not just your bank account, but what people, places or things you value the most. Are you spending time nurturing what matters most? (Yourself.)

Andy and I attended a friends newly renovated mansion for a grand (and super fun) ‘Downton Abbey’ New Years party. We all dressed in period edwardian garb (Andy in a proper scottish kilt) and met many new people. When I complimented a woman on her black lace dress she exclaimed, ‘Oh I’ve gained weight,  this is supposed to drape not cling!’  Even though she looked great to me (and everyone else), her inner critic was ruining her evening. 

As the eco designer (and eco everything) I often consider the ‘trash quotient’. The fact that those stupid baby wipes do not break down and are causing a huge problem to the astounding amount of trash that we create in New York City alone, is something I actually think about! I also consider ‘trash talk’ – those unkind words we often use on ourselves. It is all toxic rubbish (spoken in a ‘Downton Abbey’ accent).  All of our actions, words and deeds (as well as thoughts) matter. When we start making thoughtful kind choices we create healthier more loving environments,  with ourselves,  at home and everywhere. 

Global Climate Disasters such as Haiyan Typhoon (and many others predicted) should be a wake up call. For the sake of our planet, for our own sakes, we are being called to pay attention to our roles as responsible ‘care-takers’, as opposed to selfish mean consumers. 

So, go ahead and detox, but allow 2014 to be a year of Conscious Connection, a year to cultivate an awareness of your ‘self’ – as the perfect radiant light self you already are.