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Catskill Farmers, our Unsung Heroes

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I was supposed to be on the radio today, ‘The Farm Hour’ with the wonderful Madalyn on WIOX, talking about the new, indoor farmers market Andy and I are creating in the center of Andes. But it’s been postponed, so I decided to write about what I wanted to say!

I believe our small farmers are our (unsung) heroes. On a daily basis they endure mother nature at her moodiest, along with cold nasty weather much of the year and have to contend with some of the rockiest of soils. But, the most important thing.. They Grow Our Food. Think about that.. actually everything comes down to really ‘thinking about it’.

As an environmentally friendly interior designer, I help my clients facilitate make super conscious choices; non-toxic, fair trade, sustainable, thoughtFUL decisions on how to create authentically healthy home environments. Food, for many of us, follows these same guidelines. I’ve always been hyper aware of my food choices. As a teenager I stopped eating all meat after reading Animal Liberation by Pete Singer. While many of my friends were reading romance novels I was reading Fit for Life, Eat Right for Your Type and perfecting Deborah Madison’s delicious vegetarian recipes. I still enjoy reading foodie books – anything written by Michael Pollan, Eric Schlosser and other real food folks. I was pretty entrenched in my vegetarian (and overly informed) lifestyle.. until I met Andy. Meeting (and meating) him on his turf (UP here) was earth shattering (well, maybe quivering..). We agreed from our first date that I would eat meat – only IF it were raised by a farmer we know (supporting them), grass fed and humanely raised. I now cannot imagine my life without the smell and taste of a roasting chicken with rosemary and lemon, along with so many other meat delights! 

Making super conscious choices as to how we feed ourselves (and our families and friends) is a LUXURY. I appreciate having that luxury and also consider it a responsibility. Food is our first medicine; eating real nutrient dense food that is not processed is one of best ways we can maintain our health and vitality. A Pretty Big Deal. 

Everyone I know LOVES living among these beautiful rolling mountains. Not only seeing them, but being part of these abundant rural farmlands. 

I am also proudly one of the ‘anti-fracking’ folks who would hate to see these spectacular lands destroyed. This is another (really important) reason we need to support our farmers. It’s all about making informed conscious choices!  

This is what we want to create with the Indoor Andes Farmers Market, a place where our farmers are supported and celebrated.. our hardworking unsung heroes! 


Author: cherylterrace

Holistic Home Designer, nature freak, yoga addict, eco advisor, lover of laughter, cultivator of kindness, healthy homesteader; Vital Design LTD

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